Trinity Yoga offers private classes in Hatha and Power Yoga.

Private classes are tailored to fit each student's needs

Bobbi first discovered Yoga 20 years ago after breaking her tailbone in an accident. Bobbi's love for 

Yoga prompted her to become a Yoga teacher so she could share the art of Yoga with others. 

Hatha Yoga 

Hatha Yoga encompasses the basis for all styles of yoga . Hatha Yoga has many benefits. The poses practiced 

tone and sculpt the body. Yoga can aid in weight loss through its ability to boost the metabolism. Circulation


is increased as is strength and flexibility. Students of all levels can participate in and enjoy these classes. In a


Hatha Yoga class a student can expect to work their bodies but in a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere.


Classes are small so each student is assured individual attention will be given to their alignment and 

particular needs. Classes are 60 minutes long.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is based on Ashtanga Yoga. The classes are fast paced, and will assist a student in loss of weight 

and inches. They will also see an increase their strength and flexibility. Poses are done quickly to increase the 

heart rate and the room is kept warm. Power Yoga offers students a great workout that elongates the muscles


and increases overall good health. It is preferred that students have at least a small amount of Yoga


experience, although; inexperienced students are always welcome. Classes are 60 minutes long.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga classes are suitable for older adults and those with physical limitations. Poses are chosen for 

their benefits to the student's circulation,  flexibility, and strength.  Gentle Yoga classes make use of the floor


and a chair. Regular exercise can aid  in body's the ability to metabolize sugar and fat. It can also help to 

control weight gain, lower cholesterol levels, and improve overall health.  Classes are 40  minutes long.

Prenatal Yoga

Staying fit during pregnancy can be challenging. Yoga practice during pregnancy is a great way to stay fit 

and prepare your body for childbirth. In these classes an expectant Mother will increase her flexibility, 

strength, circulation. Prenatal Yoga will also help the expectant Mother to relax. Discomforts such as 

backache, nausea, nasal congestion, and general aches and pains can be lessened or nearly eliminated with 

regular Yoga practice.

Classes are 60 minutes long.

Prenatal classes do not appear on the regular schedule.  But they can be scheduled to suit the needs of the