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The Leaving of Dimes

Posted by Bobbi Rowntree on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 Under: Ways The Dead Communicate
When the Dead decide to communicate with us that do it in so many different ways.Often times they leave dimes behind. It was pennies when we had pennies. But, with the fazing out of the penny dimes have taken over. It is just a matter of size and availability I assume. The use of dimes is a symbol of their presence. The Dead want us to know they are still with us. They want us to know they can see us. Using dimes is just a way of placing something that is very common place where it can be easily seen. I had a Woman on the Otherside once characterize her dropping of dimes by as though one was falling down from between her legs and dropping to the floor from under her skirt. The Dead can be very funny.  When you find a dime say thank you even if you do not know whom it may be from. The more you acknowledge communication from The Dead the more communication you will receive.

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