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Posted by Bobbi Rowntree on Saturday, December 28, 2019
Christmas has always felt so special to me. As a child I would sit under our family Christmas tree after everyone had gone to bed and I would say a prayer to God about Jesus and Christmas and what I thought it all meant. I was not a Christian in fact my family was strictly Atheist. Im not sure if it was because I was living in Saskatchewan and at that time public schools there were very Christian leaning. Each child was given a little red Bible at the courtesy of the public school system and their provincial government.l towards the Christian faith and faith all together. I just always felt the need for a stronger connection to something larger than myself. I believe that is what Christmas gives to us. It gives us a connection to perfect strangers through Christmas light displays, shopping, music. This connection seems to change the collective energy during the holiday season.
 Unfortunately, the energy it creates isn't always truly positive. Unfortunately, this year I found the energy I ran in to the most was stress. So much stress. Stress in traffic. Stress in stores. Stress Stress Stress.It made me not want to leave the house. Then I decided to pay less attention to the people who seemed to be stressed. I decided to concentrate on saying Merry Christmas and keeping myself in a positive state of mind, not an easy task all the time. That brings me to the last thing I realized about the stress I was experiencing out in the world; I was projecting my own thoughts and feelings and causing the stress reaction from others around me. Not only was I allowing stress to permeate my mind I was allowing it to effect those around me. I know that it is a ridiculous notion to walk around all day everyday with a stupid grin on your face just because you are trying to be positive. It just means that you make an effort to keep your thoughts in the most positive frame as much as you can. It actually takes a lot of empathy coupled with a great deal of humility. 

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